The C Family [Coralville, IA Family Photography]

This family booked me earlier on in my photography career (2011 I think), so it was great to see them again this year! One of my favorite things about taking photos is seeing how the family has grown and changed over the years. Ben, Matthew, Abby, Emily, and Jenna are some of the most well behaved, polite, and sweet children I've ever met. These guys made my job so easy, they were absolutely perfect models. Vicki and Jason have done a fabulous job of raising them, truly, these kids are awesome.

Vicki & Jason (and family!!) - Thank you guys so much for a fabulous session. You guys are the best, I hope you like this sneak peek!

cupp-preview-1 copy

Ben is in junior high, and talking about getting his learners permit in the future, and Abby is quite the dancer - she showed off some of her ballet moves for me and they were awesome! cupp-blog-1

I know one thing for sure about Matthew: he is impossibly ticklish (and everyone in the family knows it, using it to their advantage whenever possible). cupp-blog-2

Jenna has really opened up since the last time I saw her, and she told me about her favorite thing to do at preschool (matching) and that she's going to be a clown for Halloween. And Emily's pink glasses - um, LOVE! She has tons of personality, I can tell. ;) cupp-blog-3




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