My Einer [Personal]


It's been just over 4 months since I lost my sweet Einer. He was my best friend, my baby, and losing him was one of the toughest days of my life thus far. Not only was he such a part of my personal life, but was also the face of my business...literally. Five years ago when I did my branding, I asked specifically for Einstein to be a part of my logo - and my amazing branding team Braizen not only came up with an image drawn from a photo of my beloved pup, they also found that my last name means "little dog". So fitting that he was such a huge part of my life and business for so long, and will continue to be forever.


I felt like this post was due, to end a chapter and pay tribute to my sweet Bubba, on the eve of getting a new pup. It was something that I felt I had to be ready for, and I knew that I needed to get a different breed this time, as Einstein was one of a kind. He will continue to be part of my business logo, and will live on through all of those who loved him. These photos are credited to my friend Stephanie Watts, of Stephanie Marie Photography, and were taken one and half weeks before he died. I had no idea how important these photos would be to me, and it just re-emphasized why I do what I do. Please, don't wait to take photos with those you love - whether they are human or animal. I miss him every day, so much that it hurts, and I'm forever thankful that I have these images.

Thank you to all who loved Einstein, and to those who supported me through the long, difficult days after losing him. Your support meant everything to me. Thank you.

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