Iowa Farm Sanctuary [Marengo, IA Animal Photography]

I met Shawn a couple of years ago now, and was so excited to hear the news when she and her husband Jered finally realized their dreams of opening a farm sanctuary here in Iowa. Hearing about all of the hard work they had put into to making this happen prior to visiting, I was so thrilled to be invited out to photograph their residents.

I was greeted when I arrived by Bennie the goat, along with Jered, who introduced me one by one to each of the Farm Sanctuary's adorable residents. Hearing all of these gentle creatures' stories of survival was sad, but hearing how each of them finally ended up at this compassionate, peaceful place where they can live out their lives was incredibly inspiring. Spending my afternoon (about 4 hours to be exact), snuggling, photographing, and just enjoying these animals roaming the farm fields was the bright spot in my week.

Here are some of the photos I took, and if you are interested in attending their Spring "Pig-nic" on May 5th, tickets are sold out but they are releasing more soon (follow them on instagram @iowafarmsanctuary) and also are giving away a ticket and you can nominate your friends to win! If you are curious about what they do, want to donate, or want to know more about the animals they have saved, please check out!











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