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Connor [Odebolt, IA Senior Pictures]

Senior pictures are not something I normally do, but this was for family - basically, as Connor is my brother in law Colby's youngest sibling. So, on an extremely cold Sunday afternoon, we grabbed a few photos for him. Odebolt has a surprising number of cool spots for photos, and we also got some with his snowmobile and dirt bike as requested (not pictured, but they will be in the gallery Connor!). I hope you guys like this sneak peek! Special thanks to Colby for making Connor laugh, you're the best.

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The H Family [Odebolt, IA Family and Baby Lifestyle Photography]

My niece Bristol first appeared on the blog at only four days old, and I returned to Odebolt to photograph her along with her parents - my sister BriAnne and her husband Colby. This little peanut has changed so much since I took her photos the last time, she is smiling and wide eyed, which is so fun to see! I adore this little girl, and I hope you all like this sneak peek!







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Bristol has a sweet cousin, on Colby's side - named Lyncon. They were born 3 weeks apart and Grandma wanted a holiday pic of these two cuties! Love their little outfits. bristol-blog-14

Bristol [Odebolt, IA Newborn Photography]

This year, I have been looking forward to September as my sister BriAnne and her husband Colby were expecting the first niece on my side of the family. I was so thrilled when their baby girl was born on September 23rd, and I had the opportunity to visit the little cutie when she was just 4 days old. Bristol wasn't too sure about her photo debut, as she was still getting used to this big wide world, but she did a great job, and we plan on doing a lifestyle session once BriAnne is feeling more like herself. ;)

So, I am proud to introduce Miss Bristol Quinn, the prettiest baby I ever did see (and yes, I am biased...). Love this little girl!! Congratulations again to Bri and Colby, I love seeing your little family grow, and I am thrilled to be an aunt!


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