Leo [Coralville, IA Newborn Photography]

This family may look familiar to you, as I photographed them in fall of 2010. It's always wonderful to see past clients, and I was doubly excited because I got to meet their new addition - Leo, who was born on June 1st! Leo was a perfect gentleman and oh so precious, sleeping quite a long time so I could get a ton of great photos.

Laina, Matt, and Jack - congratulations again on the precious new addition to your lovely family. It was wonderful seeing you again - I hope you like the preview!

Leo-0537 copy*

Leo-0659 copy*

Leo-0623 copy*


Leo-0549 copy**

Leo-0700 copybw*


Leo-0824 copy*

Leo-0842 copy*

Leo-0868 copy*

Leo-0962 copy*

Leo-1055 copy*

Leo-1167 copy*

Leo-1186 copy*

Leo-1144 copy*

Leo-1253 copy bw*

Thanks to Andrea from Forever Handmade for loaning me the wraps for this session!

Gallery Wraps

Gallery wraps are something that I just started offering this year (along with Madera Custom Portrait Albums and Madera Wedding Albums) and I wanted to blog about them because I think they are just fantastic (I have several around my house - mostly of the dogs of course!).
This is a gallery wrap canvas that I ordered to display in Itsy Bitsy Boutique in North Liberty, the size on this one is a 20x24. IMG_4861 copy

The photo is printed on canvas, giving the image a bit of texture as you can see in the image below, and is wrapped around a 1.5" width wooden stretcher frame. I love these because they are ready to hang, saving you money on custom matting and framing. The image can wrap entirely around the frame, or what I commonly do since I tend to take photos with a tight crop, is a white or black border on the edges (which you don't see when looking at the photo straight on). The wrap below just has a white border on the edges.
IMG_4863 copy

People often are unsure about what size might look best in their home, I think the following is a great reference (though you could always do multiple photos for a gallery wall if you want more than one image).
11x14 works for a very small wall space or in a series of portraits grouped together on the wall.
16x20 looks great on a small wall or over an end table or shelf.
20x24 works nicely over an armchair or loveseat.
30x40 looks amazing over a sofa, fireplace, dining room table, or bed.

Here's a great reference photo with some of the larger options to give you a visual.


Happy Father's Day!

Myelle-8479 copy* copy

I just wanted to take a minute on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to wish all of the fathers and fathers-to-be a very Happy Father's Day! It's a first Father's Day for several of my clients, and I hope they have a wonderful day with their families. 

IMG_0934 copy