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New Hardcover Books for Portrait Clients!

I recently changed the hardcover books that I offer to my portrait clients, and I just received my 5x5 sample yesterday! It is so gorgeous, these photos really do not do it justice. This one has grey linen on the spine and back, though there are a ton of color options in various finishes. I also offer this book in an 8 1/2 x 11 (sample for that coming soon!). Let me know if you would like to see this gorgeous book in person, and I'd be happy to bring it to your session!





Madera Linen Albums [North Liberty, IA Wedding Photography]

Let me start off by saying, I am obsessed with these linen albums! I love the leather ones as well (see one HERE), but I love the luxurious but still casual feel of the linen on these Madera albums.

I recently began offering these linen albums as parent albums, which are included in my top wedding collection for 2013/2014, but so many couples have loved them (and wanted the linen for their own album), I'm also offering the option of exchanging a leather cover for linen on any of the wedding albums as well.

These albums, like the leather, feature lay flat pages, custom layouts, cover imprinting (not shown), and inset photo on the cover. The linen comes in several color options, including yellow, red, tan, black, grey (shown), navy, and more.


linen-album-2 linen-album-3 linen-album-4 linen-album-5 linen-album-8

Gallery Wraps

Gallery wraps are something that I just started offering this year (along with Madera Custom Portrait Albums and Madera Wedding Albums) and I wanted to blog about them because I think they are just fantastic (I have several around my house - mostly of the dogs of course!).
This is a gallery wrap canvas that I ordered to display in Itsy Bitsy Boutique in North Liberty, the size on this one is a 20x24. IMG_4861 copy

The photo is printed on canvas, giving the image a bit of texture as you can see in the image below, and is wrapped around a 1.5" width wooden stretcher frame. I love these because they are ready to hang, saving you money on custom matting and framing. The image can wrap entirely around the frame, or what I commonly do since I tend to take photos with a tight crop, is a white or black border on the edges (which you don't see when looking at the photo straight on). The wrap below just has a white border on the edges.
IMG_4863 copy

People often are unsure about what size might look best in their home, I think the following is a great reference (though you could always do multiple photos for a gallery wall if you want more than one image).
11x14 works for a very small wall space or in a series of portraits grouped together on the wall.
16x20 looks great on a small wall or over an end table or shelf.
20x24 works nicely over an armchair or loveseat.
30x40 looks amazing over a sofa, fireplace, dining room table, or bed.

Here's a great reference photo with some of the larger options to give you a visual.


Madera Custom Portrait Album

Earlier this year I started offering Madera Custom Albums to my brides & grooms, and I'm also thrilled to offer these gorgeous Madera Custom Portrait Albums to my portrait clients. Albums are a great way to show off your photos, and although they are a bit more of an investment from the traditional hardcover book that I offer, these Madera albums feature custom layouts, layflat pages, and more photos.

I just love the images that Melissa and Dave chose for their Madera Portrait Album from their recent maternity session, and I think they would agree that the quality of these books is outstanding. Truly this album took my breath away when I opened it, and I believe each client that chooses to purchase a book like this would feel the same.

These books feature a custom cover and I offer them in 8x10 or 5x5 size, and in my top portrait collection (although available as an upgrade in any of the other collections with books). These books would also be a great addition to a wedding collection as an engagement album or parent album. I strongly believe that photos belong in tangible form, not just on a disc in a drawer and this is a beautiful way to display multiple photos for generations to come!









Feel free to contact me at if you're interested in more information or pricing for the Madera Custom Portrait Album.

For the Bride [& Groom]: Madera Custom Albums

Over the holidays I finally had time to sit down and put together a sample album, featuring images from Shannon & Kam's October wedding. I just recently started offering these Madera albums to my brides & grooms, after finally making a wedding album of my own after 4 years. Take it from a former bride, the disc of images is WONDERFUL to have, but even my disc got thrown in our (fire proof) safe until dust collected on it! An album is a great way to showcase the images you spent so much money on, and it will last for generations.

Truly, these Madera albums are a work of art - I love the thick lay flat pages (with very little gutter, giving you the option of doing a full bleed photo across two pages if you so choose!) and the luxurious leather covers (and the imprinting just makes it even better!). The covers come in several color options, I chose navy for this particular wedding since their colors were blue and orange.

IMG_2752 copy

IMG_2717 copy

IMG_2764 copy

IMG_2746 copy

IMG_2760 copy

Feel free to email me at if you're interested in pricing for a Madera custom album as part of your wedding photography package!

New Product: Photo Collage

As you may remember from Oliver's recent session, he did a cake smash for his 1st birthday. His mom Nicole had asked if I could do a photo collage so she could purchase a print to hang on his bedroom wall, and this is one of the versions I came up with (Nicole actually ended up choosing a slightly different version to coordinate with Oliver's room - you can see it in my Facebook album here):


As you can see, this collage works well to showcase a Cake Smash session! I just love how it tells a story and allows the parents to display a lot of photos without taking up an entire wall. This particular photo collage comes in 3 sizes - 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 and you can choose 16 photos from your session (or a few less if you want some written squares as shown above). Pricing is as follows:

8x8 print - $25
10x10 print - $30
12x12 print - $35

I do have some other collage options available with various numbers of photo openings so please feel free to email me if you'd like to see some examples.

Hope you all are having a great week!