Madera Linen Albums [North Liberty, IA Wedding Photography]

Let me start off by saying, I am obsessed with these linen albums! I love the leather ones as well (see one HERE), but I love the luxurious but still casual feel of the linen on these Madera albums.

I recently began offering these linen albums as parent albums, which are included in my top wedding collection for 2013/2014, but so many couples have loved them (and wanted the linen for their own album), I'm also offering the option of exchanging a leather cover for linen on any of the wedding albums as well.

These albums, like the leather, feature lay flat pages, custom layouts, cover imprinting (not shown), and inset photo on the cover. The linen comes in several color options, including yellow, red, tan, black, grey (shown), navy, and more.


linen-album-2 linen-album-3 linen-album-4 linen-album-5 linen-album-8

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