The C Family

On Sunday afternoon, I met up with the C family to take some family photos at Kent Park. First, it must be said that Vicki and Jason are superheroes. Truly. I know this because I am from a large family and I saw how hard my mom and dad worked to raise us. So my hat goes off to the two of them. Not only are these 5 kids (Ben, Matthew, Abby, Emily, and Jenna) absolutely adorable, but they are so sweet and fun, the time flew by. I think we got some great photos, I hope you like them as well.

When taking family pics, I like to try and get a mix of "everyone look here" and more candid moments (which you'll see near the end of the post).
IMG_0884 copy

IMG_1018 copy

IMG_0910 copy

IMG_0979 copy

I love all of these individual shots of the kids (and Kaia, their golden doodle in the photo with Ben). I took a bunch of these and there are a lot of good ones, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down for the post.
IMG_0757 copy

IMG_0717 copy

IMG_0568 copy

IMG_0672 copy

IMG_0625 copy

IMG_0724 copy

IMG_0854 copy

The kids made a huge leaf pile and took turns jumping in it, it looked like they were having so much fun!
IMG_0822 copy

IMG_0820 copy

IMG_0838 copy

IMG_0849 copy

IMG_0846-2 copy

It ended with everyone piling on Ben, I love Jenna's expression in this one.
IMG_0836 copy

On the walk back, Jason spotted a frog and the kids were fascinated (particularly Matthew, Emily, and Ben) - I didn't go over because I'm terrified of frogs (sad, but true). Josh took the photo below.
IMG_4549 copy

These next two photos of Jason with the little girls just melt your heart, I swear.
IMG_0933 copy

IMG_0940 copy

Towards the end of the session, things got a little silly...
IMG_4554 copy
Above photo taken by Josh.

IMG_1096 copy

IMG_1089 copy

Vicki snuggling the two little girls, adorable!!
IMG_1070 copy

IMG_1057 copy

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