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Holly + Elliot [Mother & Daughter Series #3 - Coralville, IA Family and Child Photography]

On Friday, Coelle and I met up with the gorgeous Holly and her sweet Elliot girl at Lake MacBride for Coelle's 3rd practice session and another in the series of Mother/Daughter sessions. The photos below are a mix of Coelle's and mine, we had such a beautiful night and so much fun with these two.

Again, Coelle continues to impress and amaze me. This girl has talent and I'm lucky to have her on my team! :)

Holly and Elliot, thank you so much for giving your time on Friday and modeling for us. You two are beautiful, and I hope you love this sneak peek.

Photo by Coelle
c-hollyelliot-2014-14 copy

Photo on the left by Coelle, the one on the right is mine. :) c-hollyelliot-2014-3 copy

Photo by Coelle

Both photos by Coelle c-hollyelliot-2014-6

Photo by Coelle c-hollyelliot-2014-13 copy

The remaining photos are mine! Love this one where Elliot is blowing kisses. <3 br=""> j-hollyelliot-2014-1

My fave I think! j-hollyelliot-2014-6



j-hollyelliot-2014-38 copy

Kayla + Jae [Mother & Daughter Series #2 - Coralville, IA Family Photography]

This session with the stunning Kayla and cutie pie Jae took place last Friday at the Terry Trueblood Recreation Area. This was Coelle's 2nd practice session and she did the majority of the shooting after her success with Tanya and Avery the week before.

Again, this is part of a Mother/Daughter series I am working on - so I took a handful of photos (more info on this project/Mother's Day special coming very soon!!) but the most of these are Coelle's work. I am SO proud of her, I can't wait to see her continue to progress as a photographer. We have many more practice sessions lined up and I am so excited for each and every one. Coelle's photos are credited below!

Kayla and Jae - thank you again for volunteering your time for Coelle to practice. You guys were wonderful!!

Hands down, my favorite of the session. Photo by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_01

Photos by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_06

Photo by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_13-bw

Photo on left by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_12

Photo by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_03

Photo on left by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_11


Jae is a little dancing machine, love these two! j-kayla-jae-2014_19

What to Wear: Winter Maternity Session

Maternity sessions happen during all times of the year, and they can be just as beautiful in the cold winter months as the summer months! Luckily there are adorable maternity clothes that are picture perfect for all seasons. I have put together a few ideas for all you expecting mamas out there to consider when planning for your maternity session. 

I always recommend asking friends and family who have recently had children if they have maternity clothes you could peek through, you never know what treasures you might find. My sister-in-law sent me a box of maternity clothes and I lived in a few of her items through my pregnancy, it was wonderful! 

When choosing clothes for a winter session it is better to choose form- fitting tops that hug that baby bump tightly. Consider sweaters paired with a scarf or a sweater dress with tights and boots. Maternity specific coats can also be an adorable winter option, and you can always have some photos with it on and some without it. Don’t forget including accessories, such as jewelry and scarves! - Coelle

Links to these specific items can be found below all of the looks Coelle put together, and you can click HERE for more information on how to purchase the Sutton necklace featured in the first look. You can also shop your closet for similar items! 

Items have been sourced from Motherhood Maternity (jeans, wine cords, and cardigan), Target (dress), Gap (sweater), Anthropologie (scarf), J Crew factory (second necklace).

New for 2014: Styling by Coelle

Some of you may have noticed on my website, and I've mentioned it on here as well, I am now offering styling by Coelle for all newborn sessions (also included in the newborn portion of the Belly to Baby packages) for new moms. I am so excited about this new addition, as it's extremely important to me that new moms feel super pampered and beautiful the day of their newborn session.

You met Coelle in an earlier post, and now here's a little bit more about why she feels the styling consults are important. (Note: This service may be added on to ANY session, just ask!)

"I went through the process of having a newborn session with my son one year ago, and figuring out what to wear for a photography session was a bit daunting only a few days after having a baby! I understand the importance of looking good and feeling confident the day of the session, but I also understand that this can be difficult for a brand new mom with a changing body and many other things to think about. Having someone to help go through clothing and accessory options prior to the session can save a brand new mom a lot of time and worry, and it also provides the mom with a little bit of time to focus on herself! Additionally, styling provides reassurance that the entire look of the session will come together - as I will also discuss your significant other’s clothing choices and the blankets the baby will be wrapped in. As an added bonus, stopping by and meeting with the new parents before the session will allow me the opportunity to check out lighting and locations that Jen will use the next day. I am so excited to be providing styling as I believe that it will ensure comfort and confidence the day of the session as well as helping to make your photos personal, cherished memories."

A few kind words from Aubrey about her experience working with Coelle at her recent newborn session with her son Liam. 

"It was so great to have Coelle help out with the styling of our photo session. She pointed out styling details I never would of even thought about, and made me feel comfortable with my outfit selection. Living so far from my girlfriends it was great to have another girls perspective on selecting what to wear, and she made me feel stylish at a time when I feel like I'm lacking in the looks department. Not only was she great with helping out in the styling process, but she also did an awesome job keeping my little guy calm and comfortable throughout the picture taking process. We deemed her "the baby whisperer" that day!"

Meet Coelle!

I have been so excited to introduce Coelle to all of you here on the blog as the newest addition to the Jen Madigan Photography team! Coelle is my new assistant and also the stylist that will be providing consults to all of the moms at newborn sessions (but is also available for any other session, just ask!). She is also joining me at sessions as an assistant, and will hopefully be shooting alongside me by the end of 2014. ;)

I had been looking at hiring an assistant once I went full time in September, but wasn't quite sure how to find the perfect person. Like all good things, everything seemed to fall into place when I told Coelle I was looking for someone and she was also looking to add a more creative, flexible job into her life as she cut back hours at her other job to spend more time with her son.

Coelle, in my opinion, is the perfect fit for Jen Madigan Photography and I know you all are going to adore her as much as I do! She has fabulous taste, is incredibly stylish (obviously), hilarious, and so much fun to be around. She is an amazing addition to my team, and I can't wait for you all to meet her!

A few words from Coelle…

"When Jen and I first discussed the idea of me working as her assistant and stylist for her clients, I thought she was joking; it was too good to be true! I had been thinking about what I could do to incorporate more creativity and my love for design into my life. My hobbies have always included the arts, and I have been a go-to source for design advice with family and friends for as long as I can remember. I met Jen when my husband and I contacted her to photograph my newborn son last year. Our session was a ton of fun and I was blown away by Jen’s work! She captured the love and excitement we felt in such a beautiful and soft way. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of Jen Madigan Photography! I am excited to learn all about the process and details that go into delivering wonderful images, as well as meeting all of Jen’s fantastic clients!

I live in Iowa City with my husband, Christopher, and my one year old son, Julian. I grew up in New Glarus, Wisconsin (yes, home of the New Glarus Brewery for all you Spotted Cow fans). I moved to Iowa City to get my Master’s in nursing, which I now use to work at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in the general pediatric clinic. I love hiking, running, yoga, and traveling (although my son has put a new spin on flights, eek!) I can’t go too long without shopping, Pinterest, or attempting a new crafting project. If I find extra time you might find me reading, searching iTunes for new music, or baking. A few of my favorite things: leggings, polka dots, office supplies (a new pack of pens or sharpies!), children’s books, live music, and organizing!"