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Kayla + Jae [Mother & Daughter Series #2 - Coralville, IA Family Photography]

This session with the stunning Kayla and cutie pie Jae took place last Friday at the Terry Trueblood Recreation Area. This was Coelle's 2nd practice session and she did the majority of the shooting after her success with Tanya and Avery the week before.

Again, this is part of a Mother/Daughter series I am working on - so I took a handful of photos (more info on this project/Mother's Day special coming very soon!!) but the most of these are Coelle's work. I am SO proud of her, I can't wait to see her continue to progress as a photographer. We have many more practice sessions lined up and I am so excited for each and every one. Coelle's photos are credited below!

Kayla and Jae - thank you again for volunteering your time for Coelle to practice. You guys were wonderful!!

Hands down, my favorite of the session. Photo by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_01

Photos by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_06

Photo by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_13-bw

Photo on left by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_12

Photo by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_03

Photo on left by Coelle. c-kayla-jae-2014_11


Jae is a little dancing machine, love these two! j-kayla-jae-2014_19

Happy Mother's Day!

I just want to wish all of the moms out there a very happy Mother's Day today!! You guys are all amazing women and I'm proud to know every one of you. I hope you are spoiled rotten today, you deserve it!