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Mandy + Ben: Coelle Practice Session [Cedar Rapids, IA Engagement Photography]

This was Coelle's last practice session before baby, and we had such a great time photographing Mandy and Ben, who are actually getting married this October (congrats to them!). Coelle did a great job and we had a beautiful evening for photos in the NewBo District. Love that place!

Go ahead and leave Coelle some love on the great work she's done this year, all photos are hers unless otherwise noted!

IMG_5099-Edit copy



mandy-ben-preview-1 copy


Photo on right by Jen

Below photo by Jen
PV8A1654-Edit copy

Andrea + Jake [North Liberty, IA Maternity Photography]

This session was Coelle's 9th practice session and her first without me present! I was feeling under the weather, so Josh went and acted as "instructor" in my place. I am sad I missed seeing Andrea and Jake, but I am so proud of both Coelle and Josh for doing a fabulous job without me.

Andrea and Jake are expecting their first little one (a boy) in September, and I couldn't be more thrilled for these two. Andrea and I have been friends for a couple of years now and I know they will make awesome parents.

I hope you guys like this sneak peek - and leave some love for Coelle and Josh for doing a fantastic job! All images are by Coelle unless otherwise noted.




Below photo by Josh andrea-jake-maternity-31

Below photo by Josh andrea-jake-maternity-12




Carolyn + Alex [Iowa City, IA Couple Photography]

Carolyn and Alex were kind enough to model for Coelle's 8th practice session on a beautiful Wednesday evening in downtown Iowa City. We tried for some new spots, and I love that these two dressed up for the occasion. They are celebrating their 1 year anniversary this year, so congratulations to them! Carolyn is also a photographer - check her work out by visiting her site Carolyn Ann Photography.

Coelle is doing so fantastic, I'm so very proud of her after every session! This one was no exception, as you can see for yourself!





Photo on the right by Coelle carolyn-alex-25

Photo on right by Coelle carolyn-alex-23


The two photos below were taken by me. carolyn-alex-10-bw


Devyn + Mark [Cedar Ridge Winery Engagement Photography, Swisher, IA]

Devyn and Mark were kind enough to donate their time to model for Coelle's 7th practice session, and her first engagement. These two are recently engaged and are planning a March 2015 wedding. I can't gush about these two enough - they were so great to work with, gorgeous, and super super nice. We had kind of a muggy night for the session at Cedar Ridge Winery, but it didn't seem to bother these two very much.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm so proud of the progress Coelle is making. She really has grown as a photographer in such a short time! This girl has talent. :)

Devyn and Mark - it was SO wonderful meeting you both. I'm so grateful to you for modeling, and being so awesome to work with. I hope you like this sneak peek!

The following photos were taken by Coelle... devyn-mark-engagement-20


devyn-mark-engagement-28 copy

devyn-mark-engagement-49 copy

devyn-mark-engagement-68 copy


The following photos were taken by me... devyn-mark-engagement-45 copy


devyn-mark-engagement-13 copy

devyn-mark-engagement-72 copy

devyn-mark-engagement-82 copy


Ciarra + John [Coralville, Iowa Maternity Photography]

Ciarra and John are expecting their first baby, a little boy, in June. This was also Coelle's 5th practice session, and she did amazing as usual! Ciarra and John are not only seriously gorgeous, but super funny and we just laughed the entire hour. Is Ciarra not the most amazing looking pregnant woman ever? We couldn't get over how fabulous she looked with just a month to go.

Ciarra and John - thank you SO much for giving your time (and baring the chilly weather!) for Coelle to practice. Can't wait for your newborn session and to meet little baby boy!

Photos below are by Coelle unless otherwise noted. ciarra-john-c-1

ciarra-john-c-4 copy

ciarra-john-c-8 copy

Photo on the right by me. ciarra-john-c-12

ciarra-john-c-26 copy

Photo on the right by me. ciarra-john-c-24

The three photos below are by me. ciarra-john-c-30



Ally + Macson [Iowa City, IA Family and Child Photography]

Ally and her son Macson - how cute are they?! This little guy cracks me up, and I had a great time playing the assistant role (shooting occasionally) to make him smile while Coelle completed her 4th practice session.

Macson is 20 months old, and he has a wonderful laugh and smile. This kid is just adorable!! I met Ally when she started working at Tru Salon, and she is just so fabulous - I was excited to get her and Macson in front of the camera. Coelle did a great job with her 4th session, and here are the results (plus a few of mine)!

Ally's makeup by Kayla.

These first four photos are by Coelle

ally-macson-15 copy

ally-macson-16 copy

ally-macson-34 copy

Photo on the left by Coelle, on the right by me. ally-macson-23

The remainder of these photos are mine! ally-macson-5


ally-macson-27 copy copy