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Ally + Macson [Iowa City, IA Family and Child Photography]

Ally and her son Macson - how cute are they?! This little guy cracks me up, and I had a great time playing the assistant role (shooting occasionally) to make him smile while Coelle completed her 4th practice session.

Macson is 20 months old, and he has a wonderful laugh and smile. This kid is just adorable!! I met Ally when she started working at Tru Salon, and she is just so fabulous - I was excited to get her and Macson in front of the camera. Coelle did a great job with her 4th session, and here are the results (plus a few of mine)!

Ally's makeup by Kayla.

These first four photos are by Coelle

ally-macson-15 copy

ally-macson-16 copy

ally-macson-34 copy

Photo on the left by Coelle, on the right by me. ally-macson-23

The remainder of these photos are mine! ally-macson-5


ally-macson-27 copy copy