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2013, what a year!

So this post may be a few weeks late, but you know how time flies. ;) Anyways, I just wanted to take a minute to post an image from each of my sessions last year - I can't thank you all enough for your support, encouragement, and for choosing me to photograph you & your loved ones. Not to be too sappy (ok, maybe just a little sappiness is perfectly acceptable) but I am so grateful to you all, without you I wouldn't have been able to pursue something I love full time. I hope to see you all again this year!

Macayla + John [Waterloo, IA Wedding and Electric Park Ballroom Reception]

Macayla and John were married in Waterloo at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, with the reception held at the Electric Park Ballroom on the beautiful, sunny (but a tad windy) 11th of May. As you may remember from their engagement post, Macayla and John were brought together merely by chance (or maybe fate?) when Macayla's car broke down on the side of the road and John was the tow truck driver who came to help. These two infused their entire wedding day with tons of amazing little touches that highlighted their relationship and personalities, from the camo and cowboy boots adorning the bridal party, down to the shiny red tow truck getaway vehicle.

Macayla and John - You two are amazing, and we wish you all of the happiness in the world. Thank you for choosing us to document your wedding day, it was so much fun, and we love you both like family. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!!

Vendor info: 
Dress - Maggie Sottero
Tuxedos - Milroy's 
Reception - Electric Park Ballroom (National Cattle Congress)
Catering - Hyvee 
Cake - Waverly Bakery, in Waverly, IA 
Hair and Makeup - Clip Art by BreAnne


Below photo taken by Josh. mj-blog-6








Below photo taken by Josh. mj-blog-1

Macayla and John chose to do a first look, which is a great way to make sure you have plenty of time for amazing photos on your wedding day. Trust me, when you see these photos you will realize that it can be just as special (and in my opinion, more intimate) as seeing each other at the end of the aisle. I just love this series, especially John's reaction. mj-blog-14 copy

macaylajohn-4 copy

Below photo by Josh. macaylajohn-3

mj-blog-20 copy

Omg, so gorgeous. mj-blog-19 copy


mj-blog-26 copy


mj-blog-34 copy

mj-blog-35 copy



mj-blog-42 copy copy

mj-blog-43 copy

mj-blog-45 copy

I LOVED the cowboy boots, it fit with their style perfectly and I think the girls were pretty comfy all day! mj-blog-41


mj-blog-51 copy

mj-blog-52 copy

I have to say, I was thanking my lucky stars that Macayla had a beautiful long veil, which allowed me to utilize the wind in my favor to get some shots with gorgeous natural movement. mj-blog-32 copy

mj-blog-50 mj-blog-54



Below photo by Josh.

Below photo by Josh. mj-blog-30-2 copy

Photo on the left by Josh. mj-blog-67



Megan + Mitch [Waterloo, IA Wedding and Supervisor's Club Reception]

Where do I begin with Megan and Mitch? I first met them at their winter engagement session this past January, where Josh and I got to spend time not only taking photos but also getting to know them a bit better. We had such a great time at that session, and I was really looking forward to seeing them again! Their wedding took place on September 29th, at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Waterloo and it was a beautiful fall day with temperatures a warm 80 degrees (perfect for those outdoor photos!).

My favorite things about Megan and Mitch are their laid back nature and wonderful sense of humor. These two qualities made for an amazing day full of fun and a lot of laughter, and I was very sad to see it end. These two are gorgeous both inside and out, and their families were so kind, which made our job so easy. Lucky for us, we get to see these two again when Megan's brother John gets married in the spring!

To Megan and Mitch, thank you so much for inviting us to document your wedding day. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of it, and I'm so sad it's over (but thankful that I will see you guys at John and Macayla's wedding!). Congratulations again, we wish you the best now and always.

I apologize in advance for the photo heavy post, it was just so hard to choose! To view even more photos from Megan and Mitch's day, you can view their custom wedding website HERE

Megan made these for the reception, so although this photo was taken later in the day I feel it is a fitting way to begin the blog post.
mcalister-1122 copy

mcalister-4589 copy

These petals were the ones that the flower girl threw as she made her way down the aisle, I just love the rich color! 
mcalister-4725 copy

Megan's Maggie Sottero gown was gorgeous and suited her perfectly. The room the girls got ready in had these beautiful stained glass windows, which made a beautiful backdrop for her dress. 
mcalister-4648 copy

mcalister-0142 copy

mcalister-4650 copy

mcalister-0190 copy

mcalister-0224-2 copy

mcalister-0238 copy

mcalister-0253 copy

Megan's dad came in once she was all ready to have a moment with his daughter before she went out to see Mitch. 
mcalister-0326 copy copy

Below two photos by Josh.  mcalister-5485 copy

mcalister-5508 copy

mcalister-0337 copy

For the first look, we had Mitch close his eyes until Megan came up to him and put her hands on his cheeks. I just love these images, they are so sweet. mcalister-4850 copy

Below photo by Josh. 
mcalister-5555 copy

Megan teased him a little bit, asking us "how long should I make him wait?" as she stood directly in front of him. 
mcalister-4870 copy

Josh's view below. mcalister-5567 copy

mcalister-4871 copy

Josh's view below. mcalister-5568 copy

mcalister-4876 copy

Josh's view below. mcalister-5571 copy

mcalister-4893 copy

mcalister-0362 copy copy

Mitch getting ready to escort his grandma down the aisle. 
mcalister-0801 copy

mcalister-5257 copy

mcalister-5263 copy

mcalister-5275 copy

mcalister-5825 copy

mcalister-5388 copy

mcalister-5453 copy

The new Mr. and Mrs.! mcalister-0850 copy

Megan did an amazing job of scouting the third location, which was this little park on the way to the reception. The leaves were stunning, making a perfect background for photos. 
meganmitch-5739 copy

mcalister-5631 copy

mcalister-5705 copy copy

meganmitch-5720 copy

mcalister-5903 copy

Once we arrived at the reception, we took advantage of the beautiful light and got some really pretty images of Megan and Mitch (along with their bridal party). 
meganmitch-6214 copy

mcalister-6008 copy

mcalister-6215 copy

I love this photo of Megan, she looks so happy.  mcalister-6371 copy

I have many, many favorites but this one is the photo that I think gives you the best sense of the kind of people Megan and Mitch are - happy, laid back, and fun. 
mcalister-6095 copy

mcalister-6257 copy

mcalister-6218 copy
I adore everything about this photo below.
mcalister-6225 copy

mcalister-6355 copy

mcalister-6356 copy

mcalister-6465 copy


mcalister-1082 copy

mcalister-6524 copy





mcalister-6926 copy




mcalister-7203 copy




mcalister-7044 copy