On Moving Forward...


It's been nearly a year since I went full time with photography. Some days it feels like it's been just a few months, and other days it feels like it's been ten years. The past year has been full of every emotion known to man - I've felt intense loss, as well as joy. I've cried tears of sadness, probably more in the past year than I have in my entire life, and I've also laughed until my stomach ached and tears of happiness ran down my face as I tried to catch my breath. I've lost friends, and gained new ones.

This year I've had opportunities that have changed the way I feel about photography. Experiences that have changed me as a person. Relationships that have built me up, and relationships that have left me broken. Most of all though, I've realized who, and what really matters to me the most. I've realized that doing what you love is the thing that keeps you moving forward when you are exhausted, but that sometimes you also need friends and family to hold you up along the way.

Things will be changing a little bit at Jen Madigan Photography over the next year. I've realized many things about myself, and the direction in which I want my life and business to go moving forward. I want to go back to the reason that I started this - to tell people's stories in a natural, timeless way. I want to tell YOUR story, not someone else's that you saw on Pinterest. I want to know my clients, and I want to photograph their families as they grow. I want my business to be personal, because that connection is important to me.

I also want to thank everyone for your incredible support, opportunities to try new things, and for trusting me to document some of the most important times in your lives. So many of my clients have become friends, and I'm so grateful to know each and every one of you. I couldn't do this without you, and I can't wait to continue to photograph you all for years to come.

Cake & Whiskey Magazine

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of photographing Erin Brenneman of Brenneman Pork for Cake & Whiskey Magazine. This session was one of my favorites to date, not only because Erin is wonderful and fascinating, but also because while I was shooting I got to cuddle and even deliver a baby pig! It was such an amazing experience, and photographing people who are doing what they really are meant to do, is so inspiring to me. I am so blessed to have met Erin and to have been selected to photograph her doing what she loves.

Thank you to Megan at Cake & Whiskey Magazine for asking me to be a part of this, and for selecting one of my images for the cover. I can't tell you what this meant to me. xo - Jen






New Hardcover Books for Portrait Clients!

I recently changed the hardcover books that I offer to my portrait clients, and I just received my 5x5 sample yesterday! It is so gorgeous, these photos really do not do it justice. This one has grey linen on the spine and back, though there are a ton of color options in various finishes. I also offer this book in an 8 1/2 x 11 (sample for that coming soon!). Let me know if you would like to see this gorgeous book in person, and I'd be happy to bring it to your session!