[Featured] St. Bridget's Flower Farm

Myelle-8562 copy*

A couple of weeks ago I photographed little Myelle and her parents, Lindsay and Adam at St. Bridget's Flower Farm near Solon (thank you to my friend Becky for suggesting it to me!). After visiting the farm, and talking with Cathy, I really wanted to blog about it because I thought it (and she) was so wonderful.

St. Bridget's Flower Farm is a sustainable, chemical free flower farm which was established in 2005. They offer arranged flowers for local delivery (including a weekly or bi-weekly delivery all summer long - great for businesses or someone who just loves fresh flowers in their home!), as well as buckets of flowers if you like to arrange your own. They also can provide flower arrangements for weddings (great for you brides who love buying local), or again - buckets of flowers for the DIY bride. (Though Cathy came up with the arrangement above for Myelle in about a minute and it is GORGEOUS, so I would love to see what she could do for wedding bouquets!) The website also lists "Flower Camp" as an activity the farm offers, for groups of three or more where you get to come out to the farm, have some treats and learn about flower design before practicing what you've learned on the beautiful flowers provided. 

St. Bridget's Flower Farm has also hosted weddings (oh my word, this place would be beautiful for a small wedding!!), bridal showers, etc - so feel free to contact them if you are interested in hosting your event at their farm. You can also visit their Facebook page HERE.

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