Featured: Sugarplum Cupcakes [Iowa City, IA]

A couple of weekends ago, we had a 30th birthday party for my husband Josh. He loves cake (I prefer pie) but since we were having quite a few people over, I thought cupcakes might be more user friendly and wouldn't require extra plates/silverware. I remembered seeing Sugarplum Cupcakes mentioned in the GO section of the Press Citizen one Thursday awhile back and so I contacted the owner, Brenna to see if I could order some for the party. I ended up choosing simple flavors, classic chocolate and vanilla.

JoshK-7853 copy

Josh-7855 copy

Let me just say these cupcakes were AMAZING. I usually dislike cupcakes because of the too sugary/too much frosting but the frosting on these was absolute perfection. Truly everything just melted in your mouth, and the moment I put them out - everyone was asking where I got the delicious cupcakes. In fact, I only got to try the chocolate because the vanilla vanished in about 5 minutes!

I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys because I love supporting local businesses, and Brenna was incredibly easy to work with as well as so, so kind. If you are a cupcake lover, or just want an occasional treat - you can purchase her cupcakes at Revival in Iowa City or through her directly (her info is on her blog - click HERE to view). She also ships cupcakes in jars! :) I need to make a trip to Revival soon, or start planning another party so I can get some more! These would be fabulous for a wedding, birthday party, or whatever occasion you might be celebrating!

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