Please Vote!


I know that signing up to vote for things is a pain in the butt, honestly, I do. However, I am not above begging and using my little dogs to help coerce you into voting for me for best area photographer! :) You can click HERE to do so (the easiest thing is to sign in via Facebook), and I promise they don't send you tons of spam and stuff like that. It only takes a second and I would appreciate it so very very much.

Also, if you have a minute - check out my FB page HERE. I'm currently considering offering mini sessions one weekend this summer, and am trying to gauge interest via poll responses. I would appreciate any feedback (feel free to comment here if that's easier!). 

 Clara says, "Please vote, pretty please with a cherry on top?!", while squinting with all her might. She also says "will someone cut these darn hairs in front of my eyes?" but that's besides the point.  


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